Kansas City Mental Health Associates (KCMHA) offers mental health clinicians three membership levels, depending on your needs.

  1. Professional Education Membership

  2. Marketing / Coaching Membership

  3. Private Practice Incubator Membership

1. Professional Education Membership: JOIN NOW!

$19.99/month for 12 months: For the monthly cost of a copay, you get unlimited in-person and online home study continuing education (CE) and professional development events. Members are billed $19.99/month, which is substantially less than most state counseling and psychological membership association dues, with a whole lot more benefits! Specifically, with this membership, here is what you get:

  • Access to unlimited online CEs from Mind Works Professional Education, Inc.

  • A minimum 30 live CE hours per year through Kansas City Mental Health Associates. Live events include continuing education seminars, as well as professional development events such as how to build a private practice, generating multiple income streams, becoming a private pay practice, etc. Multi-day and certification programs may also be offered, and members will be provided a discount to these events when possible

  • The specific Terms and Conditions of this membership are detailed HERE!

  • Are you an institution or organization wanting to purchase the membership for employees? Click HERE for the Institutional Professional Education Membership. The cost is for one employee; for a custom institutional membership quote for multiple employees, contact Dr. Sweeton at drjennifersweeton@jennifersweeton.com, and this can be arranged.

2. Marketing/Coaching Membership: JOIN NOW!

$90/month for 6 months: This membership will include the following:

  • One discovery session to clarify goals (45 minutes)

  • One 30-minute live, video, or phone coaching session with Dr. Sweeton per month for 6 consecutive months

  • Two progress reviews each month, where the member's work work to date will be reviewed

  • The specific Terms and Conditions of this membership are detailed HERE!

Coaching sessions will focus on helping members take the steps necessary to build a thriving private practice, and may include topics such as the nuts and bolts of private practice, SEO, website-building, writing great copy, best business practices, content marketing, getting visible on Google, creating a niche, giving presentations, writing books/ebooks, and more.

During the two monthly reviews, Dr. Sweeton will review and edit the work a member has done on their marketing, such as editing website copy, providing guidance and recommendations on how to communicate a niche/specialty, giving feedback on what to add to a website to improve SEO, etc. 

3. Private Practice Incubator Membership:

$100/month for 12 months; $125/month for 6 months.

**An in-person interview at KCMHA is required for this level of membership, and spots are limited!** 

Want all of the above perks and more? Looking to enter private practice or build a practice but feel discouraged by the high cost and barriers to entry? Apply to join KCMHA's Private Practice Incubator Program and for $100/month you will gain access to…

  • Unlimited live and online CEs and professional development seminars

  • Five *one-hour* coaching sessions with Dr. Sweeton (for 12-month contracts only)

  • Free marketing for your business through the KCMHA website

  • Group consultation

  • Access to beautiful, furnished office spaces you can use for therapy as you build your business! Your monthly membership fee includes 5 hours of office usage per month, and KCMHA offers a tiered pay schedule for additional usage, based on your needs. Office space can be used for as little as $7/hour!

  • And MORE - check out additional details of this membership program HERE!

Scroll down to see pictures of the office spaces and example contracts! To request an interview, contact Dr. Sweeton at drjennifersweeton@gmail.com.

the kcmha building



Part of the waiting room...

2017-09-07 13.55.55.jpg

More of the waiting room...

2017-09-07 13.54.15.jpg

office #4...

2017-09-06 11.04.43.jpg

more of office #4...

2017-09-06 11.02.35.jpg

Office #6...

2017-09-06 10.20.51.jpg

More of office #6...

2017-09-06 10.21.57.jpg

Kids' space

2017-09-06 11.08.13.jpg

therapist lounge, group/conference room, and more office pictures are coming soon!

Check out example sublease and KCMHA contracts!